Manufacturing cushion & airbag towing hitches for pickup trucks, bumper pull, 5th wheel campers & gooseneck trailers. Safer smoother towing with Shocker Hitch®. Our air ride towing products include the original air bumper hitch, Shocker HD™, Shocker Air Equalizer™, Gooseneck Surge® Air Hitch & Coupler, Shift Lock™ gooseneck coupler, Shocker Quick Air™ 5th Wheel to Gooseneck & Air Ride 5th Wheel pin box, Shocker air trailer tongue mount couplers, the Streamline Aluminum air bumper hitch and our Shocker Impact & Impact Max cushion hitch ball mounts.

Our cushion & air bumper hitches are available with combo dual ball, drop, raise, pintle hook, pintle with ball, drawbar, clevis pin and sway bar mount options. Medium to heavy duty trailer towing applications. Aluminum air hitch options.

Our patented Gooseneck surge air hitch & shift lock couplers are the preferred gooseneck airbag coupler for hot shot truckers. It cushions you towing experience & eliminates the tugs and jerks you feel when towing a gooseneck trailer. You can also order by Gooseneck Trailer Manufacture.

Our trailer towing innovation continues with new products for 5th wheel campers, sway towing kits, gooseneck couplers for 3″ balls, king pins, aluminum air ride hitches and more.

Our camper trailer towing solutions include 5th wheel air hitches along with an air equalizer that can bolt to existing w-d hitches or complete air ride weight distribution kits, as well as air hitches with sway bar options.

Our selection of trailer towing kits for farmers includes hitch packages with combo ball, clevis, pintle and drawbar mounts. Everything you need around the farm.

Our best selling trailer towing selection of air ride sway control towing hitch kits. Great for fixing trailer sway problems.

Bolt on air ride for race haulers, equipment trailers and more with 4 bolt flat plate or vertical channel. Air ride your trailer in minutes.

What does a Shocker Hitch do? It absorbs the road shock, bumps, bangs, jerks & tugs by filtering them through a built in air bag. This creates a safer smoother towing experience.

Customer Reviews

Shocker Gooseneck Roll Up Tonneau Cover

Rated 5 out of 5

Looks and fits like a dream … LOVE it!

– Alice Cotterell

Shocker Air Equalizer for Weight Distribution Hitch - 12,000 lbs

Rated 5 out of 5

1st off, I ordered this hitch around 9am in the morning, and before noon the next day it was delivered! Granted I’m only a state away, it was extremely fast! I’ve found that about 80# PSI works the best for my set up, it really does make a difference in jerking. I like that it has a 3 inch shank for my super duty.

– David A.

Shocker HD 20K Air Receiver Hitch (Build Your Own)

Rated 5 out of 5

Love it! Makes the ride so much smoother.

– J Richey

Shocker Air Hitch with Combo Ball Mount (2" & 2-5/16" Balls)

Rated 5 out of 5

Well worth the investment. I’ve been towing medium loads for decades and with purchase of new truck needed to upsize my hitch (2.5″ receiver). I’ve been viewing air ride hitches for a while now and finally purchased. The ride is unbelievable. Even my son recognized the difference. If you are towing on a semi regular basis I high recomend.

– Dean Synnestvedt

Refurbished Shocker Air Hitch with Combo Ball Mount

Rated 5 out of 5

I chose the “refurbished hitch” to save a little money. I received the hitch in great condition. Looks new! Not a scratch on it, even though FedEx beat the day lights out of the box the hitch was packed in. For the hitch, I tow a 22-foot pontoon boat on some of the roughest roads around (Arizona Highways) and this thing was great! It’s not like driving on a cloud but close to it, helped smooth out the potholes and bridge joints. I was concerned about getting one with the cost, but after my 1100-mile round trip, I very much feel it is worth the cost.

– Chris Kidder

Shocker Bumper Hitch Locking Hitch Pins

Rated 5 out of 5

Pins are very strong and look like they will last a very long time. I got the set of three, so they are keyed the same.

– Chris Kidder

Shocker 20K Impact Max Cushion Hitch (Build Your Own)

Rated 4 out of 5

Awesome hitch worth the money, would be nice if they could design the hitch to only use one pin instead of two on the attachments

– Jm