Shocker Air Equalizer for Weight Distribution Hitch – 12,000 lbs

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  • Smoother Safer Towing: Add instant air ride towing to your pickup & camper with a equalizer, weight-distribution hitch (easily bolt your existing weight-distribution head to air equalizer). 
  • Absorbs Road Shock: Air equalizer absorbs the road shock & cushion the ride when towing a camper with a weight-distribution hitch
  • Air Ride Technology: Built in air bag + 4 bump cushions direct the road shock through the airbag
  • Easy Installation: Fits & bolts to most major brands of weight-distribution hitch heads: Fastway E2, Equalizer, Reese, Husky, Pro Series, Torklift, Blue OX, Camco Eaz Lift & Curt round bar (doesn’t fit curt trutrack or trunnion head).  Measure your head, the air equalizer fits heads that have 2-1/2″ center to center or 3-1/4″ center to center bolt hole patterns.
  • Adjustable & Heavy-Duty: 12,000 lbs towing & 1,200 lbs tongue weight capacity plus 7″ of Adjustment (5″ of rise to 2″ drop). Fine tune for your towing weight. Just add air for heavier loads.
  • Available for 2″ & 2 1/2″ receiver hitch tubes: Works great on GMC Sierra, Chevy Silverado, Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon, Dodge Ram, Ford F150, F250, F350, F450, F550 Super Duty, Toyota Tundra, Tacoma, Nissan Titan, Frontier and Honda Ridgeline pickup trucks.
  • Kit includes: Air Equalizer, XR Ball Mount Base frame and two handled hitch pins w/clips. Upgrade to also include a combo ball mount with 2″ hitch ball & 2 5/16″ hitch ball

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Not sure if you have a 2″, 2-1/2″ or 3″ receiver tube?  Measure inside to inside. How to measure receiver hitch tube size?

Huge selection of ball mount adaptors available from Pintle hooks, draw bars, drawbar, clevis, drop ball mounts, raise ball mounts and more that work with the XR Ball Mount base frame.

Add instant air ride towing to your pickup & camper with a equalizer, weight-distribution hitch. The patent pending Shocker Hitch Air Equalizer™ easily bolts to your existing weight distribution head. The air hitch for an equalizer load leveling hitch absorbs the road shock and cushions the chucking, tugs and jerks you feel when towing a camper & pickup with a weight distribution system. Fits most major brands of weight-distribution hitches. This Shocker Air Equalizer has 12,000 lbs towing & 1,200 lbs tongue weight rating capacities and offers 7 inches of adjustment up or down (+5″ rise to -2″ of drop).  Air Equalizer kit comes with Air Equalizer, XR ball mount base for a 2″ or 2-1/2″ receiver hitch. It can also be ordered to include a combo ball mount with 2″ & 2-5/16″ ball to use with the XR ball mount when you’re not towing other trailers without weight distribution. The build in air bag, along with the 4 bump cushions, direct the rock shock through the airbag, still allowing your weight-distribution hitch to work as intended, giving you a smoother and safer ride for you, your pickup, camper and its’ contents. Plus the additional advantage of the Shocker Hitch for your weight distribution hitch is your ability to adjust air pressure up or down when your towing different weights for best ride and load control.  Featuring a premium gray powder-coat finish on air equalizer and black powder-coat finish on XR base frame ball mount. The optional combo drop ball mount features welded hitch balls for superior strength and the combo ball mount comes in a clear zinc plated finish.

Safety Notice: The Shocker Hitch is a heavy duty unit that in most cases exceeds factory receiver hitch weight capacities, therefore it is imperative that you always read and follow the tongue and towing weight recommendations of the receiver hitch that is mounted on your tow vehicle. The Shocker Hitch Air Equalizer has 12,000 lbs towing capacity and 1,200 lbs on tongue weight.

Quality Manufacturing: Manufactured in Arthur. ND USA

Air Ride Equalizer: Shocker Air Equalizer is designed with a built-in air bag for a smoother towing experience. Featuring a built in height adjustment plus weight adjustable. Just add or ride air depending on the weight of your trailer and it’s contents.

Provides Comfort: With a smoother ride! No more jarring every time you cross a section divider on a rough road or concrete highway. Your Shocker hitch for an equalizer absorbs the thumps and bumps.

Simple Pivot Design: Uses a rocker arm pivot design which produces a front and back motion, much different than other cushion hitches on the market. Our air equalizer design eliminates the need for parallel linkages, shock absorbers, torsion arms and other over engineered gadgets

Improves Safety: By giving you improved control of your tow vehicle and camper. The air ride equalizer for a weight distribution system allows for better control of your pickup and the trailer it is towing.

Shock Dampening Action: Shocker air equalizer hitch effectively absorbs the jerking, tugging and damaging forces experienced with a typical hard connection when towing trailers. There is no reason to beat yourself or your equipment up with a hard connection between your trailer and your receiver hitch.

Saves Money: By reducing trailer breakage on both the trailer and the trailer contents! The Shocker hitch air equalizer absorbs the damaging forces experienced with a typical hard connection. This greatly reduces the chances of breaking welds and doing other long term damage to your equipment as well as the valuable cargo you have inside the truck and trailer.

Adds Life To Your Pickup & Camper: By reducing wear and tear on driveline and frame! Treat yourself, your equipment, and your passengers to a much smoother ride.

Tons of Attachments for XR Ball Mount: We offer a wide variety of our ball mount attachments; standard mounts, drop ball mounts, clevis mounts, drawbar mounts, cushioned drawbar mounts, pintle hook attachments, raised mounts and combo multi-ball mounts that would with the XR ball mount base frame.

California Residents: Prop 65 Warning

Air Ride Equalizer Installation Pics


Air Equalizer Videos

How to Install Air Equalizer to Weight Distribution Hitch Video

Why Get an Air Equalizer for a Weight Distribution Hitch

Will Shocker Hitch work with a Weight Distribution Hitch?

Will a Shocker Hitch work with an Equalizer Hitch?


The Shocker Hitch Air Equalizer is really easy to install.  Just bolt your existing equalizer / weight distribution head to the air equalizer and then insert into your pickup receiver.  Important, when installing, make sure there is no air in the airbag.  Take out the valve core so the air is totally removed. Then hook up your load bars / weight distribution bars, attach to tow vehicle, then air up air equalizer airbag until forward washers free up (washers closest to the truck).

Download Installation Guide: Shocker Air Equalizer for Weight Distribution Hitches Installation Instructions

How to Install Air Equalizer Hitch Video

Step 1: Attach air equalizer and XR base mount to your pickup truck.

Attach air equalizer to pickup

Step 2: Bolt your existing weight-distribution head to the air equalizer

Bolt equalizer head to air equalizer

Step 3: Hook up your weight distribution as you did prior to installing air equalizer.

Hook up your weight-distribution bars as you did before
Just Bolt Your Equalizer Weight Distribution Head to the Shocker Air Equalizer


This product is back the Shocker Hitch Manufacturer Warranty and the Shocker Hitch Guarantee.


Will the air equalizer work with an Anderson no sway weight distribution system?

  • No, it will not.

Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A The air equalizer mounts to the truck with our XR ball mounts and there should be no issues with the 2021 F150s.
  2. A It does not come with sway bars. It is meant to work with what you have on your pre-existing WD hitch - Fits & bolts to most major brands of weight-distribution hitch heads: Fastway E2, Equalizer, Reese, Husky, Pro Series, Torklift, Blue OX, Camco Eaz Lift & Curt round bar (doesn’t fit curt trutrack or trunnion head). Measure your head, the air equalizer fits heads that have 2-1/2″ center to center or 3-1/4″ center to center bolt hole patterns.
  3. A Yes, this will work with Reese WD Hitches.
  4. A No, our air equalizer will not work with Andersen hitches.
  5. A Yes, our Air Equalizer will work with Equal-I-Zer weight distribution hitches.
  6. A Yes, this will work with the 2 1/2" center to center bolt patterns.
  7. A At this time we do not have anything that will work for that.
  8. A If your truck can handle the tongue weight of the loaded trailer than the shocker air hitch will work. If your truck does not carry the tongue weight then you would need the air equalizer depending upon how low the ball needs to be.
  9. A There are a few ways to determine this. You can either use tongue weight scales, or a commercial scale. Tongue weight scale - Simply place the scale beneath your trailer jack on level ground, and the easy to read gauge will display your tongue weight. Commercial scale - Your vehicle and trailer must be fully loaded and fueled just as they will be when you are leaving on a trip. Drive on to the scale with all 4 wheels of the truck and record the weight of the truck with the trailer attached. Then unhook the trailer and jack up the trailer tongue so there is no weight on the hitch ball. Record the weight of only the truck on the scale, which will give you your GVW (gross vehicle weight). Now subtract the GVW from the weight you got with the truck/trailer attached. This will give you your tongue weight. With weight distribution hitches you will need to do a little more measurements. You must get the weight of the gear behind the rear axle, weight your truck with and without, to get the weight of the gear. Add the gear weight to your tongue weight and you will get the what your weight distribution hitch must support. (Ex: 1200lb TW + 200lb total weight of gear = 1400lb WD must support)

10 reviews for Shocker Air Equalizer for Weight Distribution Hitch – 12,000 lbs

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  1. Jason H.

    Pulled my 12,000+ pound racecar trailer with this hitch on my 1 ton Ram truck on a 1544 mile trip,round trip from Kansas City MO to Belle Rose LA and back to KCMO.
    The Last 37 miles of the trip from Baton Rouge to the track in Belle Rose was like driving on rail road tracks the roads were so rough.
    Everything stayed in place inside of my trailer and for once all the screws actually stayed in the walls and ceiling and were TIGHT when I checked them. So this hitch definitely does what it’s designed to do. It seems to absorb the road vibrations well, and made it a heck of a lot more smoother ride while towing!
    Thanks To the guys at shocker hitch for a awesome product!

  2. Bill Johnson – Texas

    Wow, what a difference in pulling my camper. This air ride set up really helps out.

  3. Jeff (verified owner)

    This hitch is large and heavy but it does reduce the shock between the trailer and the truck enough to make it worth it for me. If I had to guess this reduces the shock by 50%. Small bumps almost go away and big bumps are reduced. I am using this on a 2018 F150 with an Equalizer brand weight distribution hitch. I am towing a 21′ 4000lb aluminum toy hauler.

  4. FRANCISCO REYES (verified owner)

    Great product

  5. Doug Symington (verified owner)

    Have now used for about 1500 miles and it works great. I have a rear kitchen trailer was constantly dealing with things falling out of the fridge and cupboards. All that has stopped. You just feel like you are driving the truck over bumps and don’t feel the secondary response from the trailer. I use a Blue Ox Hitch and it was seamless.
    My first clue was a I left a bottle of Windex on the Kitchen counter by mistake and after my first 20 mile test drive it was still where I put it.
    So far Great Product.
    Jayco 306RKDS HT /Dodge Ram 2500

    Doug S.

  6. Ronald David Overbeck

    All I have to say is WOW!!!

    Well maybe I’ll says a little bit more. Before installing a Shocker Equalizer hitch, the ride while pulling my travel trailer was very rough and uncomfortable particularly when using my Blue Ox Sway Pro WD hitch. After installing the Shocker Equalizer Hitch with the WD hitch, the ride smoothed out and made longer trips very pleasant. I still feel slight tugging when driving in city and stop & go traffic but nothing like the whiplash I used to experience… the highway is where the Equalizer really shines…smooth as silk.
    Setup: 2013 – F150 with tow package. TT Tongue Weight 490lbs, Trailer Loaded Weight 4300lbs, Length 22’, Truck Loaded Weight 6300lbs. Blue Ox Bars 550lbs

  7. Jerry M

    I am towing a 35′ long 9000 lb travel trailer. The Shocker Air Equalizer for Weight Distribution Hitch made a considerable improvement in the ride of my truck while towing. It was well worth buying.

  8. Mixvon

    Thank you very much for the invitation :). Best wishes.
    PS: How are you? I am from France 🙂

  9. James Brown (verified owner)

    Just received hitch but have not had a chance to pull with it yet. However, hitch seems to be very well made. Heavy , stout. Look forward to using it. My trailer is a 32 ft. Long 9000 + lb. Hope it performs as expected.

  10. James Brown (verified owner)

    Just towed my 9000+ lb rv trailer, very pleased. It removes that jarring effect from changes in road conditions and nearly removes effect from driving on bridges. This is what I was looking for. Thanks. Also hitch is heavy duty built .

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Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 13 in
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Fits 2" Hitch, Fits 2-1/2" Hitch

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