Shocker Gooseneck Surge® Air Hitch Coupler

Air Ride Towing for your Gooseneck Trailer

Gooseneck Surge Hitch Hooked Up
Gooseneck Surge Hitch Hooked Up

Smoother Safer Towing – We Guarantee It!

The Gooseneck Surge® air hitch & coupler adds instant air ride to your gooseneck trailer. This gooseneck air hitch is the only air ride hitch to exclusively work in a forward and back motion, which is often times this is the biggest jerk, tug and bang you feel when towing gooseneck trailers.

The Shocker air gooseneck surge hitch directs the tow resistance through the airbag, producing a way smoother ride and towing experience. The Gooseneck Surge hitch is the ultimate hitch for gooseneck trailers. It provides smooth and safe towing experience. Featuring the exclusive Shift Lock gooseneck coupler with 30,000 to 40,000 lbs tow & up to 7,000 lb tongue weight rating. Patent # 11,370,257 B1 & D898,628. View All Gooseneck Hitches

Gooseneck Surge® Air Hitch & Coupler w/ 9″ Extension

Shocker Gooseneck Air Coupler w/9" Extension Hooked Up
Shocker Gooseneck Air Coupler w/9″ Extension Hooked Up
  • Instantly add air ride technology to any gooseneck trailer
  • Helps to eliminate the jerks felt when towing on rough roads or concrete highways. This hitch directs the tow resistance through an airbag, producing a smooth ride
  • Air Ride Technology protects your truck, gooseneck trailer and their contents with a smoother, safer tow. Heavy loads, just add air.
  • Made for 100mm Round or Square & 4″ Round or Square & Crank style gooseneck stems
  • Available with Shift Lock 30,000 lbs coupler
  • Completely replaces your factory gooseneck stem & coupler with the Gooseneck Surge Air system & coupler. Installs in minutes.
  • Improves your ride, reduces wear & tear on pickup, trailer & contents
  • The cure for choppy, bouncy, buckled, rough & busted up roads. No more booms, bangs and jerks when towing your Gooseneck. View our Shocker Hitch PSI guide.
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Gooseneck Surge Air Hitch by Trailer Manufacturer

If you don’t see your gooseneck trailer mfg listed, contact us, we can build one for it.

Shocker Hitch Guarantee

Gooseneck Surge Hitch Videos

Gooseneck Surge Features

Adjustable for Tow Weight: The air bag sits behind your gooseneck hitch and out of the way. You will find the advantage of the Air Shocker is your ability to adjust air pressure for best ride and load control.

Saves Fuel: By using a gooseneck Surge Hitch, you may save as much as one mile per gallon. When we developed the Surge Hitch our intention was to give a smoother ride, period. We perfected that and never considered the other benefits. Customers using the Surge hitch started calling with reports of better fuel mileage. Claims of up to a mile per gallon are pretty normal. The question is why? Trucks manufactured over the past ten years or more have a very sophisticated on board computer. The computer senses a jerk or load increase and gives the engine more fuel. This process happens many times in a second. By reducing the jerks, the computer will give the engine less fuel. The other contributing factor is cruise control. If your trailer bucks the cruise control will increase speed. When the buck stops, the cruise control reduces speed. This sets up a cycle of accelerating and decelerating, again using more fuel. A Shocker Surge Hitch can reduce this effect and give you a much smoother ride.

Simple Installation: Completely replaces your factory gooseneck stem & coupler with the Gooseneck Surge Air system & coupler. Watch this video to see how it easy and quick this air ride gooseneck hitch and coupler system is to install. It really installs in minutes.

Adds Life To Your Vehicle & Gooseneck: By reducing wear and tear on driveline and frame! Treat yourself, your equipment, and your passengers to a much smoother ride. You’ll never go back to the ‘old days’ of continual bumps, jerks, and vibrations. Join the list of satisfied customers that are using Shocker hitches. Order one today and get ready for your ultimate smooth towing experience the next time out.

Air Ride Hitch Technology: Shocker Air is designed with a built-in air bag for a smoother towing experience. Just add air depending on the weight of your trailer and it’s contents.

Simple Pivot Design: Uses a rocker arm pivot design which produces a front and back motion, much different than other cushion hitches on the market. Our design eliminates the need for parallel linkages, shock absorbers, torsion arms and other over engineered gadgets.

Improves Safety: By giving you improved control of your tow vehicle and trailer. The Gooseneck surge air hitch system allows for better control of your pickup and the trailer it is towing.

Quick Installation:  Completely replaces your gooseneck factory stem & coupler with the Gooseneck Surge Air system & coupler. It installs in just a couple of minutes! Watch this 1 minute installation. Includes complete replacement stem, surge air hitch system & coupler.

Shock Dampening Action: Shocker air hitch effectively absorbs the jerking, tugging and damaging forces experienced with a typical hard connection when towing trailers. There is no reason to beat yourself or your equipment up with a hard connection.

Saves Money: By reducing trailer breakage on both the trailer and the trailer contents! The Shocker hitch absorbs the damaging forces experienced with a typical hard connection. This greatly reduces the chances of breaking welds and doing other long term damage to your equipment as well as the valuable cargo you have inside the truck and trailer.

Provides Comfort: With a smoother ride! Travel a lot on concrete highways? No more jarring every time you cross a section divider. Your Shocker air hitch absorbs the thumps, bumps and jerks you feel when towing your gooseneck trailer.

Install a Gooseneck Surge Air Hitch & Coupler in Minutes

Gooseneck Surge Air Pressure Settings

Set up is simple and easy. Just attached it to your receiver hitch, air it up and tow. See the complete Gooseneck Surge Installation Instructions

Gooseneck Surge Applications

We can help smooth out your gooseneck towing. From grain cart trailers to race car trailers. We help them all. Gooseneck surge applications include horse trailers, flatbed trailers, end-dumps, RV’s, campers and more.