Shocker Gooseneck Surge® Air Hitch

Instant air ride towing that installs in minutes!

Browse our selection of Air Ride Gooseneck Surge® Hitches for Gooseneck Trailers. Shock absorbing hitches for gooseneck trailers including end dumps, flatbeds, horse, cargo, livestock, utility, flatbed, car and more. We also have 9″ offset extension stem & adapter couplers for short-bed trucks. Choose from 24,000 lbs, 30,000 lbs or up to 40,000 lbs. GTW. Featuring coupler options for 2-5/16″ or 3″ gooseneck balls & Kingpin options. Along with 5th wheel to gooseneck conversions. Air ride your gooseneck trailer in minutes. Browse our 👉Shop by Gooseneck Trailer Brands to find the best gooseneck hitch for your gooseneck trailer or just view all Gooseneck Hitches. If you don’t know your stem size, check out the Gooseneck Stem Selection Guide.

Shocker Gooseneck Air Hitch Videos

Gooseneck Surge Air Hitch Installation & Setup