ShockerHitch.com takes a great deal of pride in the products we offer. We are often given positive feedback and now we want to allow you to show others your thoughts on our products.  Please feel free to leave us a testimonial by visiting our Contact Us page.

"Purchased the Shockerhitch for a 1500 mile trip to Virginia and back. Was at ease knowing the money back guarantee if I wasn't satisified. NOT a problem. Towed a 4000lb 24ft enclosed race car trailer out empty and completely loaded (over 10k total trailer wt) to the back doors helping a friend move back to Missouri. No one knows how much they have until they need to move. Just adjusted the air pressure in the bag. Both ways very enjoyable ride, way less stress on myself as the driver. However the ultimate comment was made by my wife, the toughest critic of spending money when I already had a hitch that did the job, she could actually read while towing, when before she couldn't do that on the last trip she rode with me. Congrats Shocker Hitch, one satisified customer."
St. Louis, MO. 

"In September of this year you visited me at my home in Hampton MN and set me up with a hitch. Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the unit. My wife and I recently made a quick round trip to Oklahoma to haul a horse. The ride of the truck and trailer (both loaded and unloaded) was improved dramatically by the Shocker Hitch. The jerk and grab we had previously experienced over a variety of road surfaces was smoothed enough to noticeably reduce driver/passenger fatigue. I can't imagine how much the horse must have enjoyed it. Great product, I'm telling all my bumper pull friends about it. "
Jim K.
Hampton, Minnesota

"I am sure that I could write pages about how well this hitch smoothed the harsh ride, but will keep it down to this… it worked and worked great!  Now my Dodge is a real nice riding truck empty, but with the unloaded car hauler and the Travel-Lite hitch inflated properly, the ride was actually smoother.  It really was hard to believe!  My wife said ‘tell them that this works great’.  We made the 1400 miles hauling empty and the ride was so smooth all the way, I would even forget that the trailer was back there."
Mike Winkleman, Seasoned Mechanical Engineer in Automotive Industry
Mesa, Arizona 

"I thank you for putting out such a great product.  You have a well satisfied customer and I definitely would recommend your air shocker system to anyone who pulls a trailer."   
Tim Molhem, Satisfied Customer
Florence, Kentucky

"When I first towed with it, I was amazed.  It took all the bounce out of our outfit.  The difference in ride quality between the two was like night and day."   
Jim Yeager, Satisfied Customer
Eden, Utah 

"I pull commercially, all different types of trailers. Shocker Hitch is the only way to go for bumper hitch towing. I've pulled up to 32 ft trailers with this hitch, and it is a much smoother, less punishing pull. I believe the Shocker is the only way to go when pulling anything from a boat to a travel trailer. I have approximately 15,000 miles pulling with this hitch."
Bob W.
Fargo, ND

"I just wanted you to know: I bought the Shocker back in March. I have since used the Shocker with my 23' camper and my small 5 x 7 cargo trailer. I am still in awe, on how well the Shocker works. What a difference in ride and no more noise when you stop and start again. You have a great product and I am telling people I meet at the campgrounds and friends that pull trailers about this Great Air Hitch!"
Tim B.

"The Shocker Hitch will make your wife happier than diamonds ever could.  This trailer has been pulled behind half a dozen pickups and trucks and has nearly torn the bumper off one of them.  Now with the Shocker Hitch installed it has never ridden so smooth.  I am completely satisfied with this product.  This product is well built, reasonably priced, and will substantially reduce wear on the pickup.  Be careful that you don't forget the trailer is behind you!!"
Delmar H.
Hauff Machine Products

"I'm completely satisfied with my new Shocker Hitch!  If you haul a two horse or four horse bumper mount trailer, there is nothing better than a Shocker Hitch.  It not only improves the ride in the truck dramatically, it improves the ride in the trailer.  That means when you get to the show ring, your horse will not be as tired, and will be able to perform better for you. Thats a great deal no matter how you look at it. Thanks for a great product!!"
Marty F.
Upstate, NY

"In May we towed our Jayco Baja Camper down to L.A. for a weekend. Down and back it was a push and pull contest between the F250SD and the trailer.  When we got back I started looking for solutions to the problem and came across the Shocker.
With the Standard Shocker installed at the end of July we headed down into Mexico. Within the first twenty miles I new I had made the right choice. But what really proved the fact was at the end of 4,437 miles (Oakland,Ca - Guadalajara,Mx) I wasn't all tense and tired from towing the camper. And most of all the wife was happy and asking about a bigger trailer(oh ya). You folks figured out how to mount one of these to a gooseneck?
Very fine product folks."
Don M.
Oakland, CA