Shocker 5th Wheel Hitch Setup Installation Instructions

5th Wheel Hitch Setup Guide

Shocker 5th Wheel Hitch Diagram
Shocker 5th Wheel Hitch Diagram
  1. Start by making certain that bottom surface of pin box on camper is clean, and remove any plastic spacer discs. 
  2. Lift hitch assembly up to pin box on front of camper, engage king pin from camper into large center hole of hitch.  Position the hitch with the linkage forward and the cushion assembly toward rear of camper.
  3. While holding hitch in place carefully insert locking key through slotted area on kingpin with curved cam ribs toward bottom, (or fingers pointing up).
  4. Snug 5/8″ bolt in locking key, making certain that bolt engages into centering collar located on bottom side of upper section.
  5. Install 3/8″ centering bolts located directly above rear linkages found on each side of hitch, adjust until hitch is aligned and centered on camper pin box.
  6. After hitch is centered, tighten 5/8″ locking key bolt securely, and tighten jam nut on 5/8″ bolt.
  7. When used with a 5th wheel head, install standard plastic spacer disc if desired on hitch kingpin. Please note: when using the Shocker hitch 5th Wheel Hitch it may be necessary to adjust the pinbox height up or lower 5th wheel height to compensate for the 4″ thickness of the Shocker hitch.
  8. Maintenance of the Hitch should include checking that all bolts are tight before leaving on a trip. Periodic greasing of the linkage assembly is recommended, and should be part of your routine maintenance schedule.
5th Wheel Locking Key Diagram
5th Wheel Locking Key Diagram

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Shocker 5th Wheel Hitch Setup Instructions

5th Wheel Install Video

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