Shocker Quick Air 5th Wheel Pin Box Set Up Instructions

View our installation instructions for installing and setting up the air ride 5th wheel pin box along with setting the proper air pressure

When used & set up properly the Gooseneck surge air hitch will make noticeable improvements in your gooseneck trailer towing quality. Giving both truck and 5th wheel camper trailer a smoother ride with less trailer fatigue and breakage.

We want you to have the best possible towing experience with your product and proper installation is important. If you need help, we are here for you. Just give us a call at 701-707-2666 or use our contact us form. You can also look up the item’s product page on our website and view the installation tab. Most products on our website have a set-up guide and installation video.

Shocker Quick Air 5th Wheel Pin Box Installation Video

Download Quick Air 5th Wheel Pin Box Installation Manual

Maximum weights for Shocker Quick Air Ride 5th Wheel Kit: Towing capacity = 24,000 lbs Tongue = 6,000 lbs for 2-5/16″ Ball. Patent #’s 11,370,257 B1 & D898,628. Additional patent pending.

Safety Notice: Towing capacity is limited by the lowest rated component.

Shocker Quick Air Ride 5th Wheel Air Pressure Settings

  • This is a LOW PRESSURE hitch, that works by tow resistance.
  • Set air pressure at approx. 15 psi, then test drive.
  • Increase pressure in 5 psi increments until optimum results are found.
  • Typical air pressure range is 15-25 psi.
  • Do NOT EXCEED 100 psi
  • When towing heavy trailers or trailers with high wind resistance it may be necessary to increase air pressure in the Shocker.

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