The Shockerhitch Surge hitch is very unique

The only Gooseneck Air hitch to exclusively work in a forward and back motion, often times this is the jerk you feel when towing gooseneck trailers.

Helps to eliminate the jerks felt when towing on rough roads or concrete highways. This hitch directs the tow resistance through an air bag, producing a smooth ride.

  • Shown w/ Ease Guide coupler, built in funnel to guide ball for easy trailer hookup.
  • Available w/ Bulldog BX1 coupler to fit flatbeds with recessed pocket.
  • Fits most trailers - Available with a 4.00" round, 4.00" or 4 ½" square tube stem.
  • 24,000 lbs towing capacity - 6,000 lbs tongue weight
  • 30,000 lb capacity available - call to order.

Shocker Surge Hitch Saves Fuel
By using a gooseneck Surge Hitch, you may save as much as one mile per gallon. When we developed the Surge Hitch our intention was to give a smoother ride, period. We perfected that and never considered the other benefits.

Customers using the Surge hitch started calling with reports of better fuel mileage. Claims of up to a mile per gallon are pretty normal. The question is why? Trucks manufactured over the past ten years or more have a very sophisticated on board computer. The computer senses a jerk or load increase and gives the engine more fuel. This process happens many times in a second. By reducing the jerks, the computer will give the engine less fuel. The other contributing factor is cruise control. If your trailer bucks the cruise control will increase speed. When the buck stops, the cruise control reduces speed. This sets up a cycle of accelerating and decelerating, again using more fuel. A Shocker Surge Hitch can reduce this effect and give you a much smoother ride.

Energy Absorbing Hitches

CAPROP65sm.jpg WARNING - Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Which gooseneck stem do you need to fit your trailer?

SHOCKERHITCH BOB explains in the


Gooseneck Surge Trailer Mount ROUND TUBE $799.00
Click Here for Product Details!It comes with a 4" ROUND tube standard. Can be ordered with a 4" square tube, (see SKU# 910). Available with EASE GUIDE coupler or a 24K Bulldog BX1 coupler (necessary if ball is recessed in flatbed pocket or channel please call to verify dimensions). Moves trailer back 3" Designed for hitch pocket clearance on flatbeds. This is a heavy duty hitch and will handle 24,000 lbs towing capacity 6,000 lbs tongue weight.
Gooseneck Surge Trailer Mount SQUARE TUBE $799.00
Click Here for Product Details! It comes with a 4" SQUARE tube standard. Can be ordered with a 4" round tube, (see SKU# 900). Available with EASE GUIDE coupler or a 24K Bulldog BX1 coupler (necessary if ball is recessed in flatbed pocket or channel please call to verify dimensions). Moves trailer back 3" Designed for hitch pocket clearance on flatbeds. This is a heavy duty hitch and will handle 24,000 lbs towing capacity 6,000 lbs tongue weight.
Spacer Ring Kit - Gooseneck Trailer Mount Hitches $40.00
Click Here for Product Details!Spacer ring kit for Gooseneck hitches. Fits 4" round tube. Includes 1", 2" & 3" tall rings, combination allows up to 6" tall stack in 1" increments.

Gooseneck Surge Hitch Testimonials

Very pleased with the service I recive from this company.  Bought the gooseneck hitch 5/14/2007 and has worked well. Noticed this year that the bumpers were bad.I called the Shocker about buying new ones and to my suprise they offerd to send new ones free of charge including shipping. I gave them the adress and didn't epect them to come right away. To my suprise they came in a few days and install was easy. "Good parts used in construction" . It was very refreshing to recive this kind of service.

The hitch workes great and would recomend it to anyone.
Once again thank you.  Sincerly Happy customer
Carl from Miami Fl

I recently ordered the Shocker Gooseneck Surge hitch for my 3 horse LQ gooseneck horse trailer. I tow the trailer with a 2008 Ford F350. Ever since I purchased the trailer, I have experienced severe front to back jerking every time I roll over a bump or pavement imperfection in the roadway while towing the trailer. I installed both override leaf springs and air bags to address the problem. Both of those measures helped a little, but they did not eliminate this very irritating jerking problem. I received and installed the surge hitch two weeks ago. Shortly after, my wife and I left on a several hour trip to southern Missouri for a trail riding vacation. We were delighted with the performance of the hitch. The front to back jerking of our truck was virtually eliminated. We drove some very rough roads on the trip and there was no jerking. At one point during the trip, my wife turned to me and said, "That was the best $900 that we ever spent!".

I just wanted you to know that we could not be more satisfied with you terrific product. Thank you!
Mark Peterson

I installed the Shocker Hitch this morning on our Retriever Trailer. We just took it out for a test drive and were amazed. It took out the constant jerking when traveling down the road. I thought I would send some pictures to you."

Thanks again for a great Hitch system! We are very pleased with the product.

T. Donner
Beet Seed Technician
Moorhead, MN

"Hi Bob,
Your product is great! I have a 40 ft. gooseneck weighing 6300 lbs that I use to pull a 14,000 lb tractor and it has taken out 80% of the trailer tug or surge and about the same for vibration. I can actually read my phone while I am driving. Without the Shocker Hitch I could not use my phone because the trailer shook the truck so much. For anybody with a horse trailer, this air hitch is a must. Great Job! "

Walton McCarthy Radius Engineering and Hyperspan Infrastructures.

Walton McCarthy, M.E.
Radius Engineering International Inc.

"We have had major bucking problems when using our gooseneck trailer with all types and size loads positioned in every portion of the trailer possible. This was such a hazard to drive that I decided if we were not able to cure this problem it was going to be sold. We pull this with a F350 dually that has a hide away ball. We replaced the shocks and connecting coupler on the trailer to fix the bucking, no results. Then a vendor informed me of shocker hitch, I was more then skeptical. Talked to Bob at shocker hitch he took the time to make sure we ordered the right part. They assembled the hitch that day and shipped it the next day. I installed the hitch myself and we have made several trips with different size loads and absolutely no bucking. This product works the way they talk about it, amazing."

Corps of Engineers
Pleasant Valley, IA

"Bob, I just wanted to let you know that I got the hitch and we have already tried it out. First, I rode in the back of the trailer around a country block with an ordinary hitch and then the same block with your hitch. The comparison is very impressive, so impressive that I forwarded my evaluation to a group of other horse enthusiiasts. You may hear from some of them."

Thanks again,
Waller, TX

"All i can say is WOW, took 15 minutes to install or less did test run with a 30ft goose next and could tell right away a huge different, The following morning headed out for a GA running empty through the mountains 7 hours could hardly tell trailer was back there. It did what you said it would do. Totally impressed. I loaded 15000 lbs of hay and headed back through the mountain's the first few miles a little rough running I pulled over used a bicycle pump and put 35 lbs of air in system. never looked back smooth as could be. Again WOW and GREAT."

Thank you, my back thanks you, and so does my wife and dog, who slept the whole trip.

Fred H,
Indianapolis, IN

"I purchased the Shocker Gooseneck Hitch several months ago. To be quite honest, the company that installed the hitch told me to do just the opposite of what the manufacter states here on the website. So I had too much air loaded. Holy cow, it beat me up pretty bad. I called and spoke to Bob and he gave me proper instructions. Now I am the HAPPIEST person ever and so are my horses!!!! I drive a 1-ton Dodge and we all know how ruff they can be and pull a 43ft LQ trailer. Now we are riding on air and my pickup is better riding hooked up to my trailer than when it isn't!!!Thank You so much Bob for all your help and patience and the return call to see how it was going. I will recomend your product to anyone!!! "

Happy Trails,
Michelle S.
New Salem, ND

"Just installed one of your gooseneck surge hitches, and we have never had such a smooth easy ride from our 3-horse LQ on a '08 Tundra! One of the best built and engineered pieces of equipment I have seen! Very happy and satisfied."

James B.
Pierpont, OH

"We are a distributor for compact hay equipment and we have to deliver nation wide. I own a Dodge 3500 and a 29 ft Gooseneck HYD dove tail trailer. My wife went with me to up state NY to make some deliveries and on our way back with an empty trailer, we could not stand the ride. When I arrived at my home in Texas I felt like I had been playing football all day long. I had to do something to get rid of the high amplitude low frequency bounce that makes traveling so miserable. I started searching the internet for a new trailer, air ride suspension etc. then I ran into the Shocker hitch. I called the staff at Shocker hitch and orderd a hitch for our trailer. Once I received the hitch, I spoke to the staff at shocker hitch and they gave me easy detailed instructions to get the most out of my hitch. After installation, I found a noticeable decrease in bounce just pulling the trailer around my facility. My last trip to MI. and back was a pleasure. Here is what I noticed...High amplitude low frequency bounce decreased 80%, Fuel economy increase due to less shock loads on truck drive train. Cargo straps on trailer do not have to be re tightend. Can travel greater distanced in 12 hrs due to less body fatique. I wish to praise the guys at Shocker hitch for job well done. Fellas, you have engineered a great product."

Phil from Small Farm Innovations

"Just wanted to tell about my experience with the Gooseneck Surge Hitch. I pull a 33' Tandem Axle Gooseneck with 15000# axles on it, hydraulic beaver tail, and hydraulic jacks. This is a heavy trailer pulling heavy loads. The shock in the 1 Ton PU that I pull with was so bad you could not stand to ride in it. I searched the internet and found several quote "Shocker Hitches". After doing some research I decided on the Shocker Hitch. When I got the hitch, we had the trailer loaded up for a delivery. First we took it down a road that is very rough 5 miles from us. Very tough ride! We brought the trailer back to the shop and installed the Shocker Hitch, applying what we thought was the right amount of air. Took it down the same road and sat in the bed of the truck to watch the action of the hitch. The ride was already smoother, but realized we had too much air in it. After a mile, I released some air out of the air bag, and couldn't believe how much smoother it was. We find that if you apply the trailer brakes on startup and pull the truck forward hard, it will bottom out when it is set "right". I am very happy with my purchase."

Harv P.
Hull, IA

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