Shocker 9 Gooseneck Extension Coupler Adapter 9″ Off Set – 25,000 lbs

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Product Description

  • 9″ Offset Stem & Coupler: Extends Gooseneck Coupler 9″ Forward.
  • 4 Height Adjustment Holes: Holes are 2-3/4″ apart.
  • Choose 4″ Round or 100mm (3-15/16″) Round Inner Tube Stem.
  • Fits 2-5/16″ gooseneck hitch balls
  • 25,000 lbs towing & 5,000 lbs tongue weight capacity: Shift Lock Coupler is a with dual latching, captures both sides of ball. Easy to use handle & see if it’s latched at a glance.
  • Easy Installation: Includes complete replacement inner tube gooseneck stem & Shift Lock™ coupler (Does not include outer gooseneck tube.)
  • The Shift Lock coupler is also available on all Gooseneck Surge Air Hitches.  Check out our Gooseneck Surge Air Hitches

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Extend your Gooseneck hitch coupler hookup 9″ forward with our Shocker 9 gooseneck extension coupler adapter with 9″ off set & 25k Shift Lock gooseneck coupler and great for short bed pickup trucks.  This inner tube 9″ offset gooseneck stem & coupler is easy to install and the Shift Lock™ gooseneck coupler is rated at 25,000 lbs rated and is the only gooseneck coupler that captures ball on both sides. The 9″ extension is great for pickup trucks with short boxes pulling gooseneck trailers. Plus, at a glance, you can see if the gooseneck coupler is locked on the ball. The Shift Lock handle makes it super easy to hook up and disconnect the gooseneck coupler from the ball. The 25K Shift Lock™ Coupler fits 2-5/16″ hitch balls. We use dual latching simple sliding rods made with alloy steel to lock the ball in place. Works great for short bed pickup trucks with you’re pulling and towing gooseneck style trailers; dumps, flatbed, horse, race trailers and more. Completely replaces your factory gooseneck inner stem & coupler with a 9″ off set stem & Shift Lock coupler. Installs in minutes.

The Shift Lock coupler is also available on all Gooseneck Air Hitches

Shift Lock Gooseneck Coupler Video

Shift Lock Gooseneck Coupler – How It Works

Gooseneck Stem Installation Video


Shift Lock Gooseneck Coupler Videos

Hooking Up Gooseneck to Trailer

Shift Lock Gooseneck Coupler Installation


The Shift Lock gooseneck coupler can literally be installed in a minute or two. Unbolt and unpin your factory stem and attached to replacement stem with the shift lock coupler. Watch the installation video below.



This product is back the Shocker Hitch Manufacturer Warranty and the Shocker Hitch Guarantee.

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FAQ for Gooseneck Extension

Will a vehicle with a  recessed bed work with the gooseneck hitch extension?

– No the offset stems will not with a ball recessed or a flatbed.

Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A Yes, as long as it is the B&W gooseneck 4" offset ball, it can be used with the Gooseneck Surge Air Shockerhitch.


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Weight / Dimensions

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 12 × 12 in
Select Gooseneck Inner Stem Size & Pin Type

Round 3-15/16" & Angle Pin Holes 20-30°, Round 3-15/16" & Straight Pin Holes, Round 4" & Angled Pin Holes 10-20°, Round 4" & Blank – No Pin Holes, Round 4" & Straight Pin Holes, Square 3-15/16" & Straight Pin Holes, Square 3-15/16" & Top Crank, Square 4.5" & Straight Pin Holes, Square 4" & Straight Pin Holes, Square 4" & Top Crank