Shocker XR Ball Mounts

Shocker XR Adjustable Ball Mounts

XR Adjustable Ball Mounts

Shocker XR adjustable ball mount base works with all our ball mount attachments from pintle hitch, drop ball mounts, multi-ball mounts, clevis, drawbar are more. The XR has built in adjustability maximum versatility for your towing needs. With a massive 10,000 lbs towing capacity and a 1,000 lbs tongue weight.

XR Adjustable Ball Mount Options

XR Adjustable Ball Mounts
  • HD adjustable ball mount which has 8 adjustment holes plus the mount can be flipped around more drop or rise
  • 10,000 lbs towing capacity and a 1,000 lbs tongue weight
  • Huge selection of ball mount adaptors available from combo multi-ball mounts, draw bars, drop ball mounts, raise ball mounts and more
  • Mainframe base can be ordered separately
  • Premium black powder coated finish

XR Adjustable Ball Mount Versatility

XR Adjustable Ball Mount Flipped

  • Use this adjustable ball mount however you need to for tons of versatility
  • With the combo adjustable XR ball mount, the hitch balls are manufactured together – one piece construction for maximum strength and durability.
  • Featuring a clear zinc finish for resistance to the elements.

Shocker Air Receiver Hitch Videos

Set up is simple and easy. Just attached it to your receiver hitch, air it up and tow.

Shocker XR Ball Mount Options