Shocker HD Air Hitch & Sway Control Raised Ball Mount (+2″ of Rise to 2″ of drop)

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  • Smoother Safer Towing – Air ride towing technology with a heavy-duty built-in air spring to cushion the ride & absorb the road shock.
  • 8 Adjustment holes – Raised mount offers 2″ of rise to 2″ of drop with welded sway tabs. Great for camper towing with sway issues
  • Built-in Sway Tabs: Comes with an Adjustable sway bar tab raised ball mount. (+2″ of Rise to 2″ of Drop) Choose 2″ or 2 5/16″ hitch ball
  • Heavy Duty Capacity: 16,000 lb rated towing capacity & 1,600 lb tongue wt.
  • Adjustable for Weight: Fine-tune for your towing weight. Just add air for heavier loads.
  • Built in Airbag: Absorbs road shock, creates smooth ride & reduces tendency to trailer sway. Dual rubber bump cushions also offer additional HD performance.
  • 2 Hole Receiver Shank: Available for 2″, 2 1/2″ & 3″ receiver hitch tubes with Two hitch pin holes for length adjustability
  • Safety Red Finish: Powder coated with Shockers durable safety red finish.
  • Great for Pickups to Motorhomes: Fits Great for Full-Size Pickup Trucks & Vans, Midsize Pickups & Select SUVS & Motorhomes with a receiver under the bumper.
  • Kit includes complete Shocker HD Air receiver hitch base frame assembly with built-in 16K air bag & dual bump cushions, raised sway control ball mount with the ball you choose, and two d-handle ball mount hitch pins.
  • Not sure if you have a 2″, 2-1/2″ or 3″ receiver tube?  Measure inside to inside. How to measure receiver hitch tube size?
  • 10+ Ball Options: Works with all Shocker ball mount attachments (sold separately) including, Combo, Drop, Raised, Sway Bar Tab Options & More. Combo adjustable multi-ball mount has with 2″ hitch ball & 2 5/16″ hitch ball.

Shocker Hitch Guarantee

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The Shocker Air Bag Receiver Hitch with a raised ball mount comes with a 2″ or 2-5/16″ hitch ball with 2″ of rise to 2″ Drop that has welded sway tabs. This Raised ball mount was designed to hook friction sway arms to, and help reduce trailer sway for a smooth straight pull. The Shocker Air hitch is offered with a 16,000 lbs tow rating capacity and 1,600 lbs tongue weight. The raised hitch option was designed for pulling campers with higher trailer tongues or lower than stock trucks. To help eliminate any of the unwanted sway issues this mount has welded sway bar tabs that work with the Shocker 17200 or Reese 83660 friction sway control kit as well as many others. Shocker air provides the ultimate smooth ride and the raised ball mount is often used with camper towing when your camper trailer has a higher tongue. Works great for pulling a camper or other high tongue trailers. The Shocker Air is a miniature air suspension unit mounted between your pickup truck and trailer. This Shock absorbing trailer hitch mounts by sliding into a standard receiver tube. The Shocker air with standard ball mount is great for pickups trucks, vans and select SUV’s where the receiver tube is under the bumper. This shock-absorbing hitch is a must-have for smoother trailer towing. The built-in airbag lasts for years and does a wonderful job of smoothing out your towing experience by cushioning both your tow vehicle and the trailer. The standard ball mount is black powdered coated with a bolted on chrome hitch ball for maximum strength.  Have an CUV? Check out our Cushioned Ball Mounts. Manufactured by Shocker Hitch® USA in Arthur, ND

The 16k HD air bag sits under the receiver tube allowing a short distance of 10-inches between mounting pin and ball center. You will find the advantage of the HD Air Shocker is your ability to adjust air pressure for best ride and load control. Plus the drop range is great for stock pickup trucks. Fits standard 2″, 2-1-/2″ & 3″ receivers.

Heavy Duty Air Ride Towing: Shocker Air is designed with a built-in air bag for a smoother towing experience. Featuring a built in height adjustment plus weight adjustable. Just add or ride air depending on the weight of your trailer and it’s contents.

Simple Pivot Design: uses a rocker arm pivot design which produces a down and back motion, much different than other air hitches on the market. Our design eliminates the need for slides, parallel linkages, rollers, shock absorbers, or multiple air bags common to other air hitches.

Shock Dampening Action: Shocker air hitch effectively absorbs the jerking, tugging and damaging forces experienced with a typical hard connection when towing trailers. There is no reason to beat yourself or your equipment up with a hard connection between your trailer and your receiver hitch.

Provide Comfort: With a smoother ride! Travel a lot on concrete highways? No more jarring every time you cross a section divider. Your Shocker air hitch absorbs the thumps and bumps.

Improves Safety: By giving you improved control of your tow vehicle and trailer. The air bag receiver hitch system allows for better control of your pickup and the trailer it is towing.

Saves Money: By reducing trailer breakage on both the trailer and the trailer contents! The Shocker hitch absorbs the damaging forces experienced with a typical hard connection. This greatly reduces the chances of breaking welds and doing other long term damage to your equipment as well as the valuable cargo you have inside the truck and trailer.

Adds Life To Your Vehicle: By reducing wear and tear on driveline and frame! Treat yourself, your equipment, and your passengers to a much smoother ride. You’ll never go back to the ‘old days’ of continual bumps, jerks, and vibrations. Join the list of satisfied customers that are using Shocker hitches. Order one today and get ready for your ultimate smooth towing experience the next time out.

Tons of Attachments: We offer a wide variety of our ball mount attachments; standard mounts, drop ball mounts, clevis mounts, drawbar mounts, cushioned drawbar mounts, pintle hook attachments, raised mounts and combo multi-ball mounts.

Note: With a 2″ receiver hitch ball, your tow weight rating is 10,000 lbs and 1,000 lbs of tongue weight.

California Residents: Prop 65 Warning


Fitment & Application

Shocker HD Air Receiver Hitch w/ Raised Ball Mount Applications

Part # Product Name Vehicle Info Rating Drop / Rise
SH-HD610-200-2 Shocker HD Air Receiver Hitch with Raised Ball Mount w/ 2″ Ball Fits 2″ Hitch 16,000lb Tow / 1,600lb Tongue 2″ Rise to 1″ Drop
SH-HD610-250-2 Shocker HD Air Receiver Hitch with Raised Ball Mount w/ 2″ Ball Fits 2-1/2″ Hitch 16,000lb Tow / 1,600lb Tongue 2″ Rise to 1″ Drop
SH-HD610-200-25 Shocker HD Air Receiver Hitch with Raised Ball Mount w/ 2-5/16″ Ball Fits 2″ Hitch 16,000lb Tow / 1,600lb Tongue 2″ Rise to 1″ Drop
SH-HD610-250-25 Shocker HD Air Receiver Hitch with Raised Ball Mount w/ 2-5/16″ Ball Fits 2-1/2″ Hitch 16,000lb Tow / 1,600lb Tongue 2″ Rise to 1″ Drop


Shocker Air Bag Receiver Hitch Videos

Shocker Air Installation Video

Original Shocker Air vs. Shocker HD Air Hitch

Setting the Shocker Hitch Air Pressure


Shocker HD Air Hitch Ball Mount Installation Instructions

The Shocker HD Air Bag Hitch ball mount is easy to install.  It comes complete with easy-to-understand instructions along with everything you need.  You can download the installation instructions or view the video below.

Shocker Air Receiver Hitch Diagram
Shocker Air Receiver Hitch Diagram

Note: Always use a good hitch ball with the proper recommended tow weight.

Safety Notice: The Shocker Hitch is a heavy-duty unit that in most cases exceeds factory receiver hitch weight capacities, therefore it is imperative that you always read and follow the tongue and towing weight recommendations of the receiver hitch that is mounted on your tow vehicle.

Will the Shocker Air Bumper Hitch work with Equalizer or Weight-Distribution?  If you are just using sway bars that hook to a mini ball (such as the shocker sway control kit), then yes, if you order the combo sway control ball mount attachment. If you have an equalizer or weight distribution hitch then it will not. However, check out our Air Equalizer for weight distribution hitches.

Shocker Air Installation: First you must compress the air bag. Do this by depressing the air valve and pushing down on air bag.
Once the bag has been compressed, you can install the unit into the receiver tube. Next install hitch pin.

To Set Air: Hook up trailer using properly selected ball adaptor and height adjustment in order to a level trailer when loaded. Next, inflate the air bag. As air pressure increases, the unit will rotate lifting the hitch point. Install enough air to slightly compress top bushing or until bump stop clearance is approximately 1/8″.

Shocker HD Air Hitch PSI Air Pressure Setting Guide Video

Additional Set Up Notes:

  • When towing heavy trailers or trailers with high wind resistance it may be necessary to increase air pressure in the Shocker.
  • It is highly recommended that the hitch ball be greased to reduce wear and improve shocker action.

Maximum Air Pressure: Do not exceed 100 psi in the air bag, as it may damage the air bag.

Shocker HD Air Bag Receiver Hitch Install Instructions

Shocker HD Air Bag Hitch Install Video


This product is back the Shocker Hitch Manufacturer Warranty and the Shocker Hitch Guarantee.

Shocker Hitch Guarantee


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How much air do I put in the Shocker Air Bumper Mount Receiver Hitch?
With your trailer hooked up to the tow vehicle, and loads positioned for transport, air up shocker until main frame rotates and lightly compresses top bushing (about 1/8″ of squeeze or pinch in the bushing). See our quick How To Set PSI in Shocker Bumper Hitch Video.

Will the Shocker Air Bumper Hitch work with Equalizer or Weight-Distribution?  If you are just use sway bars that hook to a mini ball, then yes, if you order the combo sway control ball mount attachment. If you have a equalizer or weight distribution hitch then it will not. However, check out our Air Equalizer for weight distribution hitches.  Note: If your pickup suspension can handle the weight of your trailer and doesn’t “squat” when you hook up your trailer to pickup, then you really don’t need a weight distribution hitch. A load leveling weight distribution hitch, distributes the weight between the pickup and trailer and is generally used if your pickup can’t handle the static trailer tongue weight load.

How long will it hold air? This is a sealed system that will hold air for weeks or months. If you haul the same trailer with the same load weight, it should be good for quite some time.

How long will the airbag last? Our airbags are an industrial bag and will last for years and years. They are similar to truck airbags but have been beefed up internally for our towing applications.

How do I know the Shocker Air receiver hitch will fit my truck?
We have made sure that the receiver air shocker will fit into most Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota and SUV’s. There are some clearance issues with the Chevy Envoy, Ford Explorer, some imports and service body vehicles where the body extends below the receiver tube.  The Shocker Air receiver hitch is available in a 2″, 2 1/2″ & 3″ shank. Please indicated which vehicle you intend to use the hitch with, make/model/year and we will attempt to get you a great fitting hitch.

How far below my pickup does the receiver air shocker hang?
Five inches below bottom of receiver tube.

How often do I grease it?
The grease does not just lube the pivot; it also keeps water and dirt out. You cannot over grease it, once every few months should do it.

Does the receiver air hitch work like or with an equalizer hitch?

Does the receiver air hitch work with sway bars?
Yes, it works with the friction style sway control, however you want to order one of the ball mount attachments that has the sway tabs installed.

How does the Receiver hitch work?
The Receiver air shocker is like a teeter totter. One end is an air bag, a pivot in the middle, and a ball at the other end. This gives a “pillow” effect at the ball end.

Should I tighten up the top jam nut on the receiver shocker?
No. The air shocker needs at least one half inch of play to work properly.

How much does an Shocker Air bag receiver hitch weigh?
The Receiver Air Shocker weighs 40 pounds

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Weight / Dimensions

Weight 53 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 12 in
Select Receiver Hitch & Ball Size

Fits 2" Hitch, Has 2" Ball, Fits 2" Hitch, Has 2-5/16" Ball, Fits 2-1/2" Hitch, Has 2" Ball, Fits 2-1/2" Hitch, Has 2-5/16" Ball, Fits 3" Hitch, Has 2" Ball, Fits 3" Hitch, Has 2-5/16" Ball

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