To develop and manufacture innovative products for the transportation industry and to sell and deliver them in a timely manner.

The Story of Travel Lite and the Air Shocker

AIR_SHOCKER_w_bob.JPGTravel-Lite started January 1st 2000. Prior to that, I, Bob Sagen, President of Travel-Lite, owned a company called ProChassis. We manufactured race cars and sold approximately 60 to 70 cars a year since 1985. I personally raced cars and had done that for about 30 years. Through the course of racing all those years, I pulled trailers for many thousands of miles.

Back in 1990, I purchased a 1 ton truck with a service body on it. I thought this would be the perfect tow vehicle and it was except for one thing; it had a very stiff rear suspension which in turn had a tendency to break and crack the welds on the tongue of my trailer. That inspired me to get creative and weld up a hitch that had a coil spring on one end, a pivot in the middle and a hitch ball on the other end. Viola, the welds stopped cracking, the trailer rode better, towed better and I was happy. I used it for a number of years, finally the truck got old and wore out, I sold it and that was that.

In the year 2000 I sold ProChassis and started Travel-Lite and began to build car trailers. I found myself back on the road delivering trailers, wishing I had that old hitch back. This made me take notice that if I had this problem of a jerky bumpy ride, that most people towing trailers also have the same problem. Therefore, I set out to develop a new and better hitch. The first few attempts worked but were not adjustable for various loads. After three years of testing and improvements, I decided to use an air bag as the cushion, now the user can adjust air pressure for various loads and the bumpy, jerky ride is gone.

Bob Sagen